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The Unexpected Technique That Will Help You Perform CPR

Lifesaving Beats: Research Proves That the Right Songs Help People Perform CPR The 1977 hit song “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gee’s, has been a popular medical tool used for training people about the techniques of CPR. The song has a rhythm of 103 beats per minute (bpm). The recommended rate of chest compressions while […]

If This Baby Can Do It, So Can You! Learn CPR Today!

CPR: You’re Never Too Young to Learn I recently watched a YouTube video of a baby girl practicing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on a CPR practice dummy and was inspired by her performance. The girl was still too young to actually walk so she scoots/crawls to the practice dummy in the middle of the floor. In […]

Are You One Of The Few Trained in CPR?

Are You Trained In CPR? Only 3.5 Percent Of People Are Each Year If you or someone you love suffers from a cardiac arrest emergency, the chances that someone nearby knows the lifesaving technique you require are very slim. Only 3.5% of people are trained each year in CPR, and that number becomes even lower […]

NEWS: A 26-Year-Old Hockey Goalie Has Been Hailed As A Hero

Hockey Goalie Rushes Stands to Perform CPR on Man Suffering Cardiac Arrest Canadian hockey goalie for the Gander Flyers, Patrick O’Brien, used his training as a paramedic to perform CPR on a middle-aged man who had suffered from sudden cardiac arrest in the stands before the game. O’Brien who was wearing his hockey skates, hockey […]

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month

Your eyes are one of the most important components of your body. Imagine what it would be like if your eyes experienced an injury that would make you lose most or all of your eyesight. It is important that you never avoid using safety measures when you are participating in activities where your eyes could […]

A CPR APP That Is Saving Lives!

Saving Lives? Theres An App For That! Smart phones do a lot for us. They help us figure out where we are going, stay in contact with those we love, and even order things we find online. From games to music, smart phones have only grown in popularity. In addition, they recently got a ringing […]

NEWS: Bakersfield Residents involved in incident at LAX

It was a typical Saturday at LAX with passengers rushing between terminals and from gate to gate. Tony and Sharon Mejia of Bakersfield, California were no exception, as they were returning home from a business trip on the east coast late Saturday night. They were the last ones to get off of their plane and […]

The Importance of Prolonged CPR

Recently in the state of Ohio, a man who doctors had already declared medically deceased actually recovered, which shows up the fact that there is a distinct lack of understanding when it comes to knowing exactly when to stop CPR attempts. The sad thing is that this is not an isolated case, and medical professionals […]

How To Save Someone’s Life

During your lifetime, there will not be many instances where you complete a task better the first time than you did on the second or third time of asking. This is only natural, as practice and repetition help us to complete a task more efficiently than the very first time we attempt it. However, there […]

The Good Samaritan Law – How Does That Work, Exactly?

One question that often comes up at first aid or CPR classes is the one that relates to the liability of the rescuer. It is not uncommon for bystanders to avoid getting involved in helping someone because they are concerned about being sued if they do something wrong, something that might harm the sufferer or […]